Best practices


International learning oriented workshops

The RRI-practice project will organise two parallel international workshops, one with research funding/policy organisations and the other with research conducting organisations, to discuss the existing barriers and drivers in the implementation of RRI in their organisations, as well as to present best practices. Particular attention will be paid to reflection on commonalities, as these will form the backbone for the development of a common action Roadmap for the EC.


Carrying out the internal RRI review

The RRI-practice project will apply the overall approach of the project to its own work – an ‘internal RRI review’. A set of operative RRI dimensions (including the EC RRI keys) will be developed, and the project’s analytic framework will be used to monitor and assess the work on these dimensions throughout the project. This will provide us with an opportunity to understand the challenges and barriers for RRI from a very direct and self-reflective point of view. A report will be produced, describing in detail the challenges, choices and results of applying an RRI approach consistently throughout a research project. In addition, a report describing general process recommendations for a reflective RRI review in multi-partner, international projects will be prepared.


Workshop discussing draft EC Roadmap

A draft plan focusing on the kind of actions the EC could take to address the barriers and the drivers to RRI in practice, and including  examples of best practices will be drafted and discussed with key interested parties in a workshop in Brussels. Participants (approximately 15-20) will be officers from the EC (DG RTD, the new High Level Science Advice Mechanism, etc.), but may also include representatives from the European Council and the European Parliament.


Developing an overall RRI Roadmap for the European Commission

This task will incorporate the results of RRI-Practice into recommendations for actions that the European Commission can undertake to strengthen RRI in Member States, locating this in a global context. The recommendations will include advice on the appropriate use of evaluation tools and qualitative indicators. The main findings will be disseminated to participants, the Commission (including the European Research and Innovation Advisory Board), and to a wider audience of stakeholders, policy makers, and relevant organisations.

Identified organisational best practices will be communicated in a designated section in the form of policy recommendations.