Responsible Innovation and Responsible Research and Innovation

Authors: Richard Owen and Mario Pansera

The chapter reviews and discusses the main features of two linked discourses – ‘Responsible Innovation’ and ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’, and examines how they are being framed in both policy and practice. Published open access in Handbook on Science and Public Policy. (Eds Dagmar Simon, Stefan Kuhlmann, Julia Stamm and Weert Canzler). Edward Elgar Publishers, 2019. The chapter can be accessed HERE. To be cited as:  Owen R, Pansera M. (2019) Responsible Innovation and Responsible Research and Innovation. In (Eds Dagmar Simon, Stefan Kuhlmann, Julia Stamm and Weert Canzler) Handbook on Science and Public Policy. Edward Elgar Publishers.

RRI: Implementation as Learning

Authors: Cathrine Egeland, Ellen-Marie Forsberg & Tatiana Maximova-Mentzoni

With a point of departure in a specific case (The Research Council of Norway), the article discusses learning as an approach to responsible research and innovation (RRI). The conceptualization of RRI as learning challenges assumptions about RRI as a program that could or should be implemented as a specific tool, method or recipe in organizations conducting or funding research and innovation. Published in April 2019 in Journal of Responsible Innovation. The article is available HERE.

‘Opening up’ Science Policy: Engaging with RRI in Brazil

Authors: Luis Reyes-Galindo, Marko Monteiro and Phil Macnaghten

This article presents initial results from the Brazilian case study conducted in the frame of RRI-Practice project. The article summarises the operational challenges faced during the research process and then focuses on the main empirical findings. Authors conclude that despite its potential for opening up policy deliberation, RRI faces the inherent hurdles of surpassing longstanding Brazilian institutional traditions of hierarchical governance, autonomy and the dominance of linear models of innovation. The article is available HERE.

Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation in Research Funding and Research Conducting Organisations – What Have We Learned So Far?

Authors: Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Clare Shelley-Egan, Miltos Ladikas and Richard Owen

This book chapter provides background information on the concept and approach of the RRI-Practice project. Published in the following book: Ferri, F. et al. (2018). Governance and Sustainability of Responsible Research and Innovation Processes. Cases and Experiences. Springer International Publishing. You can find the full text of the chapter HERE.

Insights and reflections from National Responsible Research and Innovation Stakeholder Workshops

Authors: Richard Owen, Miltos Ladikas and Ellen-Marie Forsberg

This note reflects upon findings from the 12 national workshops in the RRI-Practice project. It is based on 12 workshop reports and discussions in the RRI-Practice consortium. You can read it HERE.