Implementing RRI: Comparison across case studies (Deliverable D15.1, Work Package 15): This report provides an overall comparison of the RRI keys and dimensions as well as comparative studies of how these interact. It represents a main outcome of the RRI-Practice project and cumulates and reflects the national country reports, which looked at the overall science and technology policy setting in the individual countries, the RRI keys and dimensions on a national level as well as within the funding and conducting organisations. Based on the individual in-depth comparisons (chapters 3-10 in this report) a meta comparison is presented at the beginning of this deliverable, which aims to provide a wider and overarching perspective on the developments surrounding RRI (keys and dimensions) and what this entails for changing thinking around responsibility.

The National Case Study Reports present the findings from the research on the status and implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation in 12 RRI-Practice countries. The reports examine the national RRI context, and then present the findings from two detailed organisational case studies – a research funding and a research performing organisation. The reports also bring forth a set of policy recommendations.

Report on International Workshops (Deliverable 16.1; Work Package 16): This deliverable gives a summary of the two international workshops held in Berlin, Germany. The key outcomes regarding RRI keys and dimensions as well as specifics regarding research conducting and funding organisations are described.

The RRI-Practice Policy Briefs (Deliverable 17.4; Work Package 17) provide short and most relevant information about the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation, about the RRI-Practice project, and about the most relevant and interesting findings from the national case studies.