RRI Reviews

A review of the current framing and status of RRI in each organisation will be conducted based on the content analysis of relevant documents and semi-structured interviews.

The desk research will include a study of the following documents:

  • Strategic documents on the five EC RRI policy keys, on the other RRI related dimensions, and (if applicable) on the organisation’s general RRI strategy
  • Available reports documenting the work with the dimensions so far (on open access publication, on relevant gender topics, on amount of science education actions, from internal ethical committees, etc.)

Interviews will be conducted with key personnel in the organisation, for instance a human relations officer, department leaders or key programme managers. Employees in the most operative, first-line positions (i.e. doctoral students, junior programme officers, etc.) will also be interviewed.

The study will help us to unveil the dynamics and institutional forces that have led to the current practices, to learn how RRI related practices are regarded by the different respondents in an organisational and societal perspective, and to relate our findings to specific organisational traits.  This will be the basis for the RRI Outlooks deliverables and will make it possible to identify and describe the best practices and different ‘ideal types’ of organisations.