RRI Outlooks

RRI Outlooks are plans that will outline important goals, means and targets for the work related to the EC RRI keys – and RRI more broadly understood – in the organisations. They will be adapted to the participating organisations’ policy, cultural and historical context, their mandate, goals and routines, and the national and EU political frame.

The RRI Outlooks will include:

  • Analysis of strategic commitments and visions of organisations and of where (and where not) these map onto RRI keys and other associated dimensions
  • Goals and targets for the further RRI related work (including the five keys, but potentially expanded in order to be adapted to the organisations’ own understanding of responsibility and responsible research and innovation practices)
  • Review of barriers
  • Analysis of organisational best practices
  • Innovative strategies to address RRI barriers
  • Specific actions for developing the RRI dimensions in research content and programmes
  • Indicators to monitor progress
  • A plan for regular follow-up with updated reviews and Outlooks.